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Pink Flowers


Gaynel Bryan
John Quinones
Gaynel and Chubaca

John Quiñones


Met John on a flight back from Mexico. He was very gracious and took a photo with me!

Met Chubaca in downtown Indianapolis a the  HILBERT CIRCLE THEATRE with a lot more of his friends.  But he only had eyes for me (or the top of my head. LOL)

Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward, Pulitzer prize winning journalist who broke Watergate, was my "subject" at a photoshoot event.  I took photos of him shaking hands with judges and lawyers and others  here in Indy.  

Gaynel and Bob Woodward Shaking Hands
Gaynel and Bob Woodward
Gaynel and Jenny Devoe

Jenny Devoe

Met Jenny at an outdoor concert - she is an awesome performer and a wonderful singer - I was like a little girl getting to have my photo with her.

Gaynel and Bob GreGory

Bob GreGory

Ahh, what can I say -Bob, a weatherman for Indianapolis, was eating dinner with his lovely wife and I kept staring at him.  Finally, I got up from my table and said- may I take a photo with you and that way I can get this out of my system.  He laughed and said sure.

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