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This is actual feedback from clients.


Jul 7, 2017   

Loved the photos and loved the one with the tree and then laying my head on his chest under the tree in front of the waterfall and can't wait to see them on the website. Again thank you!! 


12.2015 Click here to read the kind thank you note from Marty and Catherine!
10.2015   (Senior photo for one beautiful Audree. Her mother had left a very complimentry email but I'll be darn if I can find it!)
                                 07.25.15  Gaynel, we absolutely                                    LOVE the photos you provided                                    us for our wedding ceremony!                                    There were so many and your                                    services are so affordable! We                                    love the fact that we can share                                  and print any photo we choose.
The variety of poses and editing effects were great.  We will definitely recommend you to others and will be contacting you in the future when we need professional photos again.
Thank you so much!
06.2015  Thank you so so much for photographing our marriage! The pictures turned out amazing! We cannot wait to get them printed out and hung in our house!! Thanks again for being there to capture such a special moment in our lives!!
We love the photos. you did fabulous, we really appreciate it these great photos.
11.2014  We really love our engagement photos and the way you captured us as a couple so naturally. You can see & feel the love between us. I am very confident you will capture our wedding beautifully, as well. Many thanks!
02.2013 Hey man, it's me - me all the way! Yeah, great job Gaynel, you get my vote.
09.2010  We had the best time learning to pose for this shot.  We look like two people in a ray-ban commercial.  We didn't realize how important lighting was.  Thank you

May 6, 2017

Thank you so much!!! Derek and I have been looking through them all morning. We LOVE them so much!!!!! Thank you again :-)


Sep 9, 2016

Hi Gaynel,   Thank you for the pictures. They look great! I am so glad it turned out to be a nice day after all the rain that morning.   



(This was a 300 person event 

for the Indiana Bar Foundation held at the Scottish Rite cathedral in downtown Indianapolis, IN.)

11. 2015 at 6:24 AM:    
Gaynel, I wanted to let you know we finally reviewed the event photos yesterday. Even our  Director  thought they were great!  Good work. We appreciate your commitment to quality. If you ever need a “testimonial” or reference for your professional photography business, let me know.


This is Pulitzer Prize winner and Wasington  Post  journelist,  BOB WOODWARD, along with Channel 6 TV Reporter RAFAEL SANCHES.  BOB spoke before 250 lndianapolis lawyers and judges.   (Look for the video under Weddings.)

02.2015   I don't want this to sound as a negative (because it is really a good positive).....I didn't even know you were there :-)  You captured our a way that we could focus on each other and savor the moment!

05.2015  You captured all of it so beautifully - guests, set up, bridal suite, garden, bridal party, carriage ride ... you have what it takes to be a wedding photographer, not an easy job! 

     Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I can't imagine having a stranger photograph my wedding, I loved that we had a personal relationship going into this. I felt at ease to be myself and just playing to that camera. 

     You have a wonderful gift of interacting with people !

08.2011  Wow, Gaynel is totally able to capture the real us! We are twins who love life and you caught that!
08.2013  I'm a runner and I was surprised that you were able to get a shot of me stretching in such a way that others have never gotten.  So cool. Tks
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