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Affordable Photographer

3 Reasons to Choose an Affordable Photographer for Your Wedding Day

Many people think you have to spend a lot of money on a photographer for your wedding day to get stunning photos - but that's simply not true! At Gaynel Photography, we're an affordable photographer in Indianapolis and we're here to help you capture your big day without spending big bucks. Here are three reasons that we often see people choosing our services over the more expensive ones.

Quality Photos

Lots of couples want to have a smaller wedding and their initial thought is that Mom, Dad, or someone else in the family can capture photos of the big day on their cell phone. It's true that cell phone cameras have come a long way, but for your special day, it's nice to have high-quality portraits you can print, frame, and hang on the wall.

Small or DIY Events

It's more common now for couples to have smaller or DIY weddings. No longer is it expected to get married in a church with 200 guests and then feed them each a $50 dinner. Couples are choosing to have the ceremony in their homes or backyards, only inviting immediate family, and having homemade meals for guests. This environment is easily suited to an affordable photographer.

An Outside Perspective

When you have your guests as your primary photographers, there may be moments you miss on camera. You also don't want your guests to feel like they're missing out on the fun because they're busy taking pictures for you. With Gaynel Photography, you can even hire us to take videos of your event so you can see the whole thing in action.

Give Us a Call!

If you've been searching the internet for "the cheapest wedding photographer near me", we're glad you found us! Call 317-908-4561 and leave a message, or email for more information about our services.

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